Capt Tert
Jan 11, 2023

PG launches fusion for Gen2 holders, what's next for 2023?

It has been almost a year since the newly rebranded PG (previously known as Project Godjira) initially launched their Genesis 1 collection with a 333 supply, around February 2022.

What's next for the future of PG holders? The Asian Mint reports.

#1 Fusion adds much-needed utility for PG Gen 2 holders

PG announced a concept called "Fusion" on 2nd January 2023, with 450 fused NFTs available on the Fusion website (Priced at 1750$ JIRA each) and 450 fused NFTs available to reserve on the Jiraxchange (Priced at 1750 $JIRAX each).

Owning a JiraVox gives you a 100 $JIRA discount when fusing on the website - with a maximum discount of 500 $JIRA tokens if you own 5 JiraVox tokens.

In terms of Fusion NFT utility, holders will unlock the following:

  • Revenue sharing of 10% for successful referrals of NFT Projects to PG Services
  • Participate in PG's Web3 incubator called "Faction DAOs", giving access to their network, capital and advisory services
  • Increased whitelist allocations
  • Pledge Mint Access: Lock in your mint for a guaranteed spot, in a Launchpad or PG Consulting project. Holders can prepay with this option, in ETH
  • Access to PG's partners ecosystem, such as unique tools, token drops and exclusive servers
    -> Some of PG's partners include 3VERSE, INFINIT3 STUDIOS etc
  • Fused NFTs will generate 16 $JIRAX per day
  • 1 more Fusion-related announcement in Q1 2023
Preview of PG's Fusion NFT and one of the factions called "Legion"

#2 What are the key differences between $JIRA and $JIRAX?

Initially, the team launched with the $JIRA token via staking but reportedly encountered multiple legal issues which caused them to pivot.

After feedback from the community, the PG team subsequently launched $JIRAX - a new off-chain token to be used in their gasless marketplace, saving gas fees in the process.

Holders of $JIRA can also convert it to $JIRAX for purchases in PG's gas-less marketplace, which promises instant transactions and no hidden costs to users.

#3 Their Genesis 1 collection once crossed 20 ETH

On April 18 2022, the PG Genesis 1 collection recorded an ATH sale of 20.6 ETH - the first time the collection had crossed that milestone which made it one of the few collections to cross 20 ETH last year along with an exclusive group of Blue-chips such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, MoonCats and Azuki.

One of the most talked-about collections in 2022, PG's 333 Gen 1 collection currently hovers around a 7 - 8 ETH floor price today

Since then, floor prices have corrected more than 50% across all PG collections below as of 11th January 2023.

  • Gen 1: 7.95 ETH
  • Gen 2: 0.75 ETH
  • Jiraverse: 0.0137 ETH
  • Jiravox: 0.0199 ETH

Will fusion and other updates in 2023 see PG's floor prices increase again across all their collections? The Asian Mint has reached out to project founder, Shan for comment but he has not replied at the time of this post.

The Asian Mint will continue to follow the progress of PG closely and provide future reports in 2023.

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