Capt Tert
Jan 9, 2023

3-pointer news: 0N1 Force crosses 1 ETH floor price, sees mini revival in January 2023

Almost 2 years on from it's initial announcement around July 2021, 0N1 Force once belonged in an exclusive group of projects which managed to cross a 5 ETH floor price in 2021.

What has happened to the project since then? The Asian Mint reports.

#1 0N1 Force faltered shortly after a successful mint event in 2021

One of the big stories coming out of the NFT space in 2021 was the debut of 0N1 Force, an anime-inspired NFT which received huge hype and attention globally. An Indonesian artist, IMCMPLX created 100 hand-drawn attributes to be featured in the 7777 generative collection - which was launched only just 5 months after the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The last time 0N1 Force crossed a 1 ETH floor price was approximately a year ago around February 2022, according to sales data from OpenSea.

Evan Tan, a well-known NFT Influencer, shared his view on the future of the 0N1 Force project: "To put it simply, the original, previous and current management is and was essentially a dumpster fire. So any change of management or hiring someone with a fresh take at the helm could revive the otherwise dying project."

Evan Tan is a highly regarded NFT Collector based in Indonesia, who is still currently holding four 0N1 Force NFTs.

He also shared his relief on recent rumors of 0N1 Force's acquisition, "Rumors of the project being acquired probably provided some sense of relief and hope for most holders. Many of us are just eager to see who that could be and where they could take us."

Currently, 0N1 Force is being led by Starlordy who is listed as a Project Manager (PM) on the website. He has also been the main figure pushing out announcements on the project's Discord channel since February 2022 as well, around the same time when 0N1 Force started losing trading momentum.

#2 A number of famous celebrities bought in, such as Logan Paul and Steve Aoki - but failed to sustain it's momentum

The first 0N1 Force sales was recorded on 9 August 2021. On 23 August just two weeks later, the collection was making waves - having reached an ATH price of 6.48 ETH. However by 6th December (less than 3 months later), the floor price of 0N1 Force NFTs had reached a new low of 0.75 ETH.

This period was also when Logan Paul spent around 188 WETH (Approximately ~USD$623,000 at the time) on an extremely rare Bumblebee NFT.

In July 2022, Logan Paul tweeted about how his 0N1 Force purchase was essentially written off.

However, with the 0N1 Force collection climbing back to a 1 ETH floor today, the Bumblebee NFT has now received offers of over 3 WETH (Just below USD$4,000, based on Ethereum's price today).

Besides Logan Paul, another celebrity whom was deeply invested in various NFT projects was none other than world-famous DJ, Steve Aoki.

Steve Aoki was also the project's first official "0N1 KA1", with discussions reportedly taking place on featuring 0N1 Force at his live shows and how Aoki could represent 0N1 Force as the face of the brand.

Some of the other NFT projects Steve Aoki has reportedly invested in include Bored Ape Yacht Club and Moonbirds. He is also a proponent of Gala Games and it's off-shoot, Gala Music.

Below is a list of rare 0N1 Force NFTs that were purchased for a high amount back in August to late September 2021:

  • K4M-1 #03 sold for $623.7k
  • 0N1 #2856 sold for $310.9k
  • 0N1 #3627 sold for $293.5k
  • 0N1 #1132 sold for $280.8k
  • K4M-1 #04 sold for $271.9K

Other celebrities or influential people that bought into 0N1 Force include Gary Vee, Snoop Dog, KSI, Banks (Faze Clan), Michael Le (52 million TikTok followers) and Mike Shinoda.

However after the project's initial pump, many influencers lost interest in the project after trading volume came to a grinding halt by early 2022.

#3 0N1 Force supports $APE Token through the 10KTF shop - a Yuga Labs acquisition last year

An interesting connection between 0N1 Force and the Yuga Labs ecosystem is, a PFP platform where players can use their 10KTF Shop items which includes 0N1 Force collectibles to engage in missions.

A fellow community member "Jake.ntd" commented his support for 0N1 Force that it could be used in missions to earn $APE tokens directly on the platform.

Besides 0N1 Force, other integrated collections on the platform outside of Yuga Labs include blue-chip collections from all over the world such as Cool Cats, Gutter Cat Gang, Pudgy Penguins, Moonbirds, Nouns, World of Women and more.

The Asian Mint will continue to keep tabs on 0N1 Force and provide more reports in the future as new developments arise.

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